Snapchat launches own chatbot based on ChatGPT

February 28, 2023  10:22

Photo and video sharing platform Snapchat has introduced its own chatbot based on ChatGPT. It's called My AI and is only accessible with a Snapchat+ subscription for $4 a month. Later, however, the company may make it accessible to everyone.

According to The Verge, My AI is like a mobile version of ChatGPT, and its current profile page looks like any other Snapchat user's profile—with its own Bitmoji avatar.

However, Snapchat+ users currently have some restrictions on interacting with the chatbot. For example, it will not answer questions about politics and other controversial topics; also, it will not do homework for schoolchildren and write reports and essays.


Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is confident that AI-powered chatbots will soon become a part of many users' daily lives, and people will start communicating online not only with friends and relatives but also with AI.

“Chatbots will probably even replace messaging services soon,” Spiegel said.

Snap management added that over time, service developers will include other OpenAI-like language models in the My AI database, and this will enable users to interact with AI in a human-like manner.

The ChatGPT chatbot-based AI has also been integrated with an updated version of the Bing search engine. And it, like My AI, seems to have some ideas about ethics: the chatbot does not write a cover letter instead of a human.

The ChatGPT chatbot will be integrated into the Opera browser, too.

The popularity of ChatGPT has led to many companies developing their own versions of chatbots. Recently, Google introduced its AI-powered chatbot, Bard, which, however, is still far from being a real competitor to ChatGPT; in the first demo, it made a factual error that cost the company $100 billion.

Chinese tech giants Baidu and Alibaba have also recently announced that they are working on their own versions of ChatGPT.

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