ChatGPT chatbot to be integrated into Opera browser

February 10, 2023  12:21

A bot working with ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) elements will be installed in the Opera browser. This is reported by CNBC, citing the Chinese company Kunlun Tech, which currently owns the browser.

There are no details on the timing or whether these features will be available across all Opera products, including iOS and Android for PCs and mobile browsers, a company representative said.

According to Statcounter's January data, Opera ranks sixth, with a 2.4% market share, in the global browser market. Since December, the corporation has started actively working on its own programs based on AI. The parent company, Kunlun Tech, is based in Beijing and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

AI-powered ChatGPT has sparked a real race in the IT industry, with one company after another announcing the development of their own versions of AI-powered ChatGPT. Furthermore, after the release of ChatGPT by Open AI, Microsoft has implemented ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, taking the search experience to a new level.

Google also introduced its own version of ChatGPT, the Bard chatbot, but it made a factual error on the first question, sending the stock price of Google's parent company, Alphabet, down more than 7%; reducing its market value by $100 billion.

Chinese tech giants Baidu and Alibaba have also recently announced that they are working on developing their own versions of ChatGPT.

OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot generates textual content using AI technology. One of its versions is available to internet users for free. It answers users' questions, creates texts of different genres, translates from one language to another, and so on.

The chatbot came under fire especially after it was used by university students to pass exams and prepare academic papers, in which ChatGPT has shown quite good results. Thus, ChatGPT passed the final exam at one of the best business schools, and it performed the test task better than over 80% of applicants for a specific job that HR specialists invited it for an interview. Even judges have started using it; a judge in Colombia used ChatGPT to rule on a controversial case.

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