Viber channels: for content creators and users of the messenger

November 23, 2022  10:00

With Viber channels, content creators can communicate with their audience around the world, understand their interests and receive feedback, while users can find interesting content and maintain their privacy.

Viber messenger continues to develop channels, an important tool for content creators, adding statistics, comments, delayed posting, and other features. The messenger goes beyond messaging and introduces a wide range of digital products in addition to its core capabilities, including channels.

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In Viber channels, content creators can use such options as delayed posting, detailed analytics, as well as other features, such as polls and quizzes. The number of channel members is unlimited. Channel super-admins can also set up delayed posting using API to automatically post content without using a mobile phone or laptop.

For those who have previously developed their community in the messenger, a special chatbot is available to turn the community into a channel, transferring the audience and all previously posted content. 

Moreover, Viber has prepared detailed guides for content creators on channel management, content creation, audience activity analytics, monetization, channel development, and interaction with the audience.

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Through channels, Viber users around the world can get the latest news on topics they care about, follow influencers, participate in polls and quizzes, comment on posts, and get access to exclusive content.

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Communication in channels considers user privacy: the list of channel members is available only to admins and super-admins, while users can see the total number of channel members. This keeps user data private and secure, which is a key priority for Viber.

To make it convenient for the audience to give feedback to content authors and discuss interesting topics, the channel provides comments. At the discretion of super-admins, this option can be enabled or disabled for all posts in the channel.

Also in public channels a link to a certain post is now available for the users.

“Channels are an important step in the development of the Viber messenger. They help our users to receive information from authors of interest to them, including local ones. Thanks to channels, brands and content creators have a new powerful tool to communicate with a wide audience and will be able to constantly keep in touch with them,” said Atanas Raikov, Senior Director Growth Top Markets at Rakuten Viber.

Some of the interesting Viber channels worth subscribing to:

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