and Rakuten Viber present joint video project about channels in Viber

December 19, 2022  19:55

At the beginning of this year Viber messenger presented an update — channels with detailed statistics, comments, delayed posting and other useful features for content creators, providing them with a new tool to diversify the social media platforms where they can share their content and reach more audiences. and Rakuten Viber present a joint project: a series of videos about Viber Channels and its features. In the three videos experts from Viber, and Minute Shorts video platform discuss what Viber Channels are, how brands, media, businesses and other organizations can use it to share news, attract new audiences and get useful insights about it. 

In the first video Dzhamilya Shaykhutdinova, Marketing Lead Europe Region at Rakuten Viber, speaks about Viber Channels capabilities, its key features, ways to attract, grow and interact with the audience in Channels and how to monetize with Channels.

In the Second video shares its own experience and tips on how to develop a channel on Viber and effectively interact with the audience.

Sasun Khachatryan, editor of, and Dzhamilya Shaykhutdinova, Marketing Lead Europe Region at Rakuten Viber, are speaking about the place of messengers in social media communication mix, how channels on Viber can be helpful for media in reaching their key goals like working with existing and new audiences, increasing traffic to the web-site, monetization, etc. Sasun Khachatryan also speaks about the strategy they have shaped in choosing what to publish on Viber Channels, as well as the insights they have gained regarding the attitudes of their audience when it comes to consuming news via messengers. 

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The third video describes how brands and companies can use social media and especially channels in Viber for their business needs. Janvier Wete, Founder & CEO Minute Shorts, and Petya Kamburova, Senior Global Growth & Partnerships Manager at Rakuten Viber, are discussing how a good content marketing strategy helps to solve different business issues. Viber Channels as one of the effective tools for brands to stay in connection with the audience and interact with it  —  a popular movie app and platform Minute Shorts is sharing the insights about developing its channel on Viber.  

More information about Viber Channels for content creators is available on the link


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