Unobvious Viber features for communication

October 24, 2022  16:32

Messengers are a key way for communication in the contemporary world. Tհanks to them we can stay in touch with our family and friends even at a distance, discuss job-related tasks and learn new things. The functions that messengers have are constantly expanding, and today – using the example of Viber as a popular app for communication – we will talk about some of those functions that are not well known.

Disappearing messages

Each of us sometimes needs to share important confidential information. For example, codes for the front door or a bank card number for a transfer. Although most modern applications for communication use end-to-end encryption, it is safer not to share such information online, but to use functions for additional protection. For example, the Disappearing messages feature in Viber allows you to set a time to delete a message after the recipient will read it, both private and in a group chat. For such messages, you can set a timer for a minute, an hour, or another period, after which they will be automatically deleted. Meanwhile, if your interlocutor decides to take a screenshot, the application will notify you.



Today, you can receive relevant information safely and conveniently right in your messenger. There are thematic channels in Viber, which are run by the media (by the way, also recently launched its own channel in Viber, where we share all the latest news) influencers and users. Everyone can find interesting and informative content among them. You can also participate in communication by leaving comments and reactions to posts.

In addition, if you want to share important information, create your own channel in the Viber messenger – it can be done in a couple of clicks. In your channel, you can share notes, photos, videos, and other content with your subscribers, and they will be able to react to the post and give feedback. By the way, the messenger functionality allows you to poll channel subscribers to find out their opinions on important issues.

viber channels

Quick translation

If you need to quickly clarify the translation of a message, but there is no dictionary at hand or you simply do not have the time to use other resources, here too the messenger will be your right hand. With Viber, you will forget about the language barrier and easily communicate with foreigners or read channels in other languages. To translate any message directly in the app, long click on it and select the ‘Translate’ option. You can change the default translation language at any time in the application settings.

Message Requests Inbox

Besides other options for users’ protection, Viber messenger provides protection from unwanted contacts – all messages from unknown contacts numbers are sent to a separate folder ‘Message Requests Inbox.’ There you can look through each new request whenever you want and decide whether to continue the dialogue or not.


Video calls

Messengers are not only text communication, but also an opportunity to see your loved ones and chat as if you were sitting next to each other. In Viber, group audio and video calls are not limited by time, which means that you can call the whole family, even if you are in different cities or countries, and discuss the latest news and just simply talk about different topics.

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