10 worst games of 2022: Postal 4: No Regrets tops list

January 7, 2023  13:52

Game review aggregator Metacritic has published a list of 10 Worst Games of 2022. The list is headed – as expected by many – the game Postal 4: No Regerts.

The rating also included such games as CrossfireX for Xbox Series X, Babylon's Fall for PS5 from the famous studio Platinum Games, XEL for Nintendo Switch and others.

Postal 4: No Regerts (30/100)

Postal 4: No Regerts was released this April – after several years in early access, during which it seemed that all the problems and bugs should have been fixed. But they weren't, and the game was not appreciated by gamers, critics, and even spell-checker service. Whether they intentionally misspelled the word "regrets" or it was an accident remains unknown.

The game has garnered 18 reviews, with an average score of 30 out of a possible 100.

"Postal 4: No Regerts lacks humor and enjoyable, engaging mechanics. The only thing the game has more than enough are the constant technical problems, which are just one item on a long list of shortcomings," says GameSpot's review.

CrossfireX for Xbox Series X (38/100)

The latest installment of the globally popular 15-year-old shooter franchise, which is exclusive to the Xbox, also failed to draw raves. According to critics, the game's graphics aren't bad, but you're unlikely to enjoy it, because you'll be constantly distracted by problems, that are more than enough in the game – from the quality of the voice acting to the level of AI intelligence.

Babylon's Fall for PS5 from the acclaimed studio Platinum Games (41/100)

Babylon's Fall is being called the loudest failure of 2022, but it still didn't top the list of worst games of the year. The graphics, the user interface, the sound design, and all other aspects of game design – all of which the developers did rather poorly.

The first reviews of the game were extremely negative, gamers didn't like the game either, and as a result, the publisher plans to shut down the game's servers on February 27.

XEL for Nintendo Switch (43/100)

XEL is a 3D open-world platformer set in a mysterious world that combines elements of science fiction and fantasy. The visuals and story are generally good, but the game is unpolished and full of technical problems and therefore disappointed many players.

LEGO Brawls for PS5 (46/100)

This is the first team action game in the LEGO universe... and likely the last, judging by the reaction of critics and gamers. According to many gamers and critics, the game is too mediocre, especially when you consider that it costs about $40.

Zorro The Chronicles for PS5 (49/100)

This game is designed for kids ages 6-12, and some bugs in it have been addressed by an early patch. Even with those caveats, this humorous action game, set in 1800s California and based on the animated series of the same name, failed to get high marks from critics.

The Last Oricru for Xbox Series X (50/100)

This sci-fi RPG was clearly inspired by the Souls series. It tells the story of an immortal warrior who crashes on a medieval planet on the brink of war. Critics didn't appreciate the main character, the script, or the gameplay.

The Waylanders for PC (51/100)

This is a role-playing game with real-time combat set in two different eras of Galicia. This PC exclusive from Spanish studio Gato began as a Kickstarter project that inspired Dragon Age: Origins and Baldur's Gate. But The Waylanders didn't reach the high level, which was set by those games. The Waylanders turned out to be full of bugs and badly developed dialogues.

Kamiwaza: The Way of the Thief for PS4 (52/100)

In this third-person stealth game, you play the role of Abizo, a "noble thief" trying to survive on the streets of Mikado. The game is actually a remaster of the 2006 Japan-only game. According to gamers, however, instead of nostalgia it causes only irritation – because of the outdated gameplay and awkward controls.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition for Nintendo Switch (52/100)

"Enhanced" version of the pretty good 1997 sci-fi adventure game, set in the same universe as the first Blade Runner movie, wasn't as much of a hit as the original. The game's graphics are very weak, and the glitches are more than they should be.

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