What were the best-selling video games in February?

March 21, 2024  22:10

Helldivers 2 topped the list of the best-selling games in Europe in February 2024. A total of 16.7 million games were sold in the region during the month, which is 21.2% higher than the previous year's figures, according to the portal GamesIndustry.biz, citing a report from the analytical agency GSD.

Helldivers 2 demonstrated sales growth for three consecutive weeks, only showing a decline of 28% in the fourth week, which is an unusual phenomenon for the industry, where sales typically decrease as early as the second week after release.

The new release outsold Marvel's Spider-Man 2 by 5%. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth showed 23% lower sales at launch compared to the previous installment, while Skull and Bones took ninth place, trailing the similar-themed but older Sea of Thieves by 30%.

Among the top-selling titles are also EA Sports FC 24 (2nd place), GTA V (4th place), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (5th place), Red Dead Redemption 2 (6th place), Hogwarts Legacy (7th place), and many others.

As for the console market, 474.4 thousand units were sold in February, which is 11% more than the previous year. However, comparing the five-week period, sales decreased by 14%. Sales of PlayStation 5 decreased by 2%, Nintendo Switch by 17%, and Xbox Series by 47%.

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