A really original game: In Bruce and Box you control a naked man with a box - and you will also need a box to play it

May 10, 2024  22:14

In the new game Bruce and Box, gamers will take control of a naked man named Bruce. It just so happens that Bruce has no clothes - he only has a cardboard box, hiding behind which he will have to get home, evading meetings with law enforcement officials. To do this, he will need to hide in the box in time.

Bruce and Box is a new game from developer Wataru Nakano for the Nintendo Switch platform.

The controls in the game are unique in their own way: the gamer will need a special cardboard box without a bottom, which he will have to put on like a skirt and, sitting down, hide in it in case of danger - then Bruce will hide in his box. The game will react to the player's movements using the built-in infrared camera built into the controller. To do this, you need to place the remote control in front of you at a level below your knees.

The new product is already available for purchase on Nintendo eShop for $5.2.

The game's release trailer can be viewed on the author's official YouTube channel.

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