New category: Microsoft introduces AI-based Copilot+ PC

May 21, 2024  12:08

Microsoft has introduced a new category of artificial intelligence (AI)-based Windows PCs called Copilot+ PC. It is a PC type running on AI, but Microsoft decided to use a more specific name, referring directly to its Copilot AI and not AI in general.

According to the company's press release, Copilot+ PC is the fastest and smartest Windows PC ever created. It has a new processor that delivers 40 TOPS performance of AI tasks, which seems to imply that it is the new Snapdragon SoC processor. But later, new Intel and AMD processors with even higher performance will appear on the market, which will also appear in computers of the same category.

The company also notes that the new computer can work all day on the battery, and it also has access to the most advanced AI models. Microsoft also revealed details about the same AI-based features added to Windows as part of the 24H2 update.

One of the first important functions is called Recall, which is a search function in the history of the user's interaction with the PC. The company noted that this is one of the most frustrating problems for people when they try to find something on their computer that they know they've seen before, but have to remember which folder it was saved in, or scroll through hundreds of emails trying to find it.

“Now with Recall, you can access virtually everything you've seen or done on your computer as if you had a photographic memory. Copilot+ computers organize information the way we do, based on relationships and associations unique to our individual experiences. This will help you remember things you may have forgotten, so you can quickly and intuitively find what you're looking for, just by using the clues you remember,” the company explained.

The new PC also has the ability to create and edit images in collaboration with AI in third-party software, including Adobe, DaVinci Resolve, and more.

Copilot+ computers will be available starting June 18, starting at $1,000.

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