First photo of iPhone 16 mockup has been released, confirming new camera design

February 19, 2024  16:06

Insider Majin Bu has published the metal mold that will be used to produce iPhone 16 cases and protective glass. It can be seen from the photo that there will be two modules in the main part of the iPhone 16 camera.

"I'm not sure about the first photo, but the second one seems to be the same as the drawing," he wrote on his X social network page.

The first photo (below) shows molds that are likely used to make the parts for the iPhone 16 cases.

iPhone 16  (2).jpg (134 KB)

iPhone 16  4 (2).png (427 KB)

Earlier, he published information that Apple is currently testing a prototype iPhone 16 Pro with an updated design of the camera section. Attached to the post, he published a photo showing that the main camera section of the iPhone 16 Pro will consist of three modules arranged in a triangular shape.

“Based on the information I was able to obtain, it looks like the iPhone 16 Pro will have a new camera module design. This [this photo] must be very similar to what Apple is currently testing,” Buu wrote.

iPhone 16  Pro.jpg (105 KB)

Majin Buu released accurate information about the colors of the iPad mini and iPhone 12 in time before they were officially unveiled. Tech also reported that the A18 processors to be used in the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max smartphones will have a significantly improved neuroprocessing unit, as iOS 18 will receive many new features working with artificial intelligence. Tech also reported earlier that the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max smartphones, which are expected to be released at the end of the year, will receive larger batteries and up to 2 TB of built-in memory.

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