Apple's A18 chip to be used in iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will have enhanced NPU for new AI functions

February 16, 2024  14:15

The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max smartphones with their A18 processors will be more different from their predecessors than some previous generation phones. Everything is connected with artificial intelligence.

According to Economic Daily News, Apple's A18 chip will feature a significantly improved neural processing unit, or NPU. And it will really be necessary, as iOS 18 is expected to receive many new features powered by artificial intelligence.

Of course, it is not yet known what these functions will be and how localized they will be, but it is possible that the older models of the new generation of iPhone will work much better in a number of tasks than the younger models of the new series and previous models.

The source also talks about the Apple M4 chip for Mac, but it should be understood here that the M4 series will include several platforms with completely different numbers of CPU and GPU cores, so the impact of the NPU unit on the Mac may not be as strong , as in iPhone.

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