What will iPhone 16’s camera section look like? Base models will shoot spatial videos

February 7, 2024  18:08

Apple has been experimenting with different camera designs for the standard iPhone 16 smartphone over the past few months, but now the company seems to have made a decision. The camera segment will have a vertical position, thanks to which even basic models will be able to shoot spatial video (when combining the basic and ultra-wide-angle modules).

Macrumors has created renderings of iPhone 16 photos based on the leak. Meanwhile, here the smartphone looks the same as in yesterday’s drawings published by a trusted insider. However, it is unclear whether the iPhone 16 will be available in these colors.

The camera block bump has two separate rings for the standard wide-angle and ultra-wide cameras. According to the source, it is logical to assume that in this series of smartphones Apple may switch to a 48-megapixel module in the case of an ultra-wide-angle module. According to Macrumors, the vertical orientation of the camera remained the same throughout the prototype, and Apple did not change the position of the light or camera lens.

Macrumors writes that thanks to the vertical position of the camera, the base models of the Apple iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will be able to shoot spatial video. At the moment, iPhone 15 models have a diagonal arrangement of camera modules and cannot shoot spatial video. Currently, only the iPhone 15 Pro and Vision Pro models have this feature.

The new smartphone is indeed similar to the iPhone X, released in 2017. While Apple also used a vertical camera on the iPhone 12, it had a wider square cutout that also housed the camera light and microphone.

Macrumors adds that this is what the pre-production prototype looks like, but the design may change in the final version.

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