Knowledge of the use of AI tools may become prerequisite for employment

February 2, 2024  16:21

Yuri Korneev, an expert in optoelectronic devices at the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, has stated that the use of artificial intelligence-based tools may become a mandatory requirement for employment within the next three to five years. This information is reported by RIA Novosti.

The specialist notes that AI will not replace humans but will become a valuable tool in many fields, similar to the current requirement for "proficient computer skills."

According to RIA Novosti, the development of artificial intelligence also creates new possibilities for fakes, propaganda, and fraud. Consequently, there may be a demand in the job market for professionals capable of distinguishing between works created by humans and those generated by artificial intelligence.

Additionally, scammers may use a person's voice for deception, extracting it from video clips or audio messages. Therefore, the expert recommends verifying any information obtained from news articles or social media and practicing "digital hygiene" to limit the spread of biometric data online.

Previously, it was revealed that a neural network had been communicating with women on behalf of a Moscow resident for a year, helping him find a wife. Alexander Zhadan from Moscow configured the ChatGPT chatbot for dating and communication with women. Over the year, the neural network interacted with 5240 women, and one of them received a marriage proposal from the man. 

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