A young man from Moscow found his bride through ChatGPT, choosing her from 5240 candidates

February 1, 2024  12:20

A Muscovite by the name of Alexandr Zhadan found his girlfriend with the help of ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot, whom he subsequently married. Zhadan told about this in social networks and received a negative reaction. He said that he is not upset by the criticism, because he believes that people themselves decide how to treat his history.

"This is my story, people decide for themselves how to treat it. Still, I offer another approach to dating, which is different from others. Anger and negativity are acceptable qualities if they are not included in history. In addition, who saw the process and recognized the value — super. We are not upset, this should not worry us. When there is only negativity, it's sad that you did something bad. When there is negative and positive, it means that something valuable has been done. It's good that the second one came out," he said.

Alexandr Zhadan said on his page X (Twitter) that he set up a ChatGPT chatbot to search for girls to meet and communicate with. Over the year, the neuronet met 5240 girls, one of whom the boy finally proposed to.

Zhadan started his experiment back in 2022 and used Tinder and the language model GPT-3 for it. He instructed the neurobiologist to meet the girls and invite them on a date, but not immediately. However, this option was not very effective. Later, Zhadan redesigned the service on the basis of GPT-4, and for a month the network found 4943 "matches" and invited about 100 candidates to meet. As a result of the experiment, Zhadan found his girlfriend Karina, to whom he proposed in January 2024.

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