WhatsApp gets new feature that is also available in Discord, Slack, Telegram

November 14, 2023  10:19

The popular WhatsApp messenger has received a new voice chat feature for large groups of users. A similar function already exists in Discord, Slack and Telegram. The new feature allows members to join group chats via voice or text messages that everyone in the group will see.

You can also hang up during communication and switch to text messages - the user will not be thrown out of the group chat.

This feature can help participants in a group call not be distracted from communication, since voice chats start quietly - there are no distracting beeps, only a bubble with a message appears in the chat, by clicking on which a new participant can join the chat.

Meta, the developer of the application, promises to soon begin distributing voice chats in large groups with 33 people or more.

A special feature of the innovation is the protection of voice chats with end-to-end encryption by default, which ensures the security of communication.

Essentially, voice chats on WhatsApp now work in the same way as those on Discord, Telegram and Slack, allowing groups of people to communicate in a conversational chat mode.

Note that this is one of the many new features added to WhatsApp in recent months. Meta continues to improve the messenger, offering users more functionality.

Thus, a long-awaited update recently appeared that allows you to work with multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device without the need for additional workarounds or “cloning” applications.

WhatsApp is also testing a new feature to protect conversations using a password. The new option Protect IP address in calls will also contribute to increasing the level of security, with which you can hide the user’s IP address during calls.

In addition, WhatsApp developers recently introduced a new feature that allows users to use their email address to log in to new devices.

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