The fourth “DataFest Yerevan” conference on AI has kicked off

September 8, 2023  14:53

"Datafest Yerevan" international conference on artificial intelligence kicked off at the American University of Armenia on Friday. The conference is being held on September 8-9 this year and for the fourth year already it brings together the leading specialists of the field from various countries. 

The "Datafest Yerevan" conference aims to promote the development of artificial intelligence in Armenia, by creating a platform for Armenian and foreign experts, through which they will be able to communicate, share their expertise and establish new connections.

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“Following the same pattern as the past three years, approximately one-third of this year's speakers have once again been invited from the world's leading corporations and scientific groups. The focal points of the reports for this year revolve around the large language models and diffusion models. This year marks the debut of two dedicated conference segments: one focusing on the application of machine learning in biology and medicine, and the other addressing the challenges in controlling robots through machine learning. All machine learning specialists are welcome to attend the event," said Hrant Khachatrian, co-organizer of the "Datafest Yerevan" conference.

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Some of the speakers are from Armenian companies specializing in artificial intelligence, the others are leading specialists from France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Lithuania, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Russia, etc.

Within the framework of the conference, representatives of leading organizations and institutions in the field, such as HuggingFace, DeepMind, Amazon Web Services, WANNA, Microsoft, University of Zurich and others, showcased present-day research findings and ongoing developments in the field of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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The event is sponsored by Cognaize, Digitain, IntentAI, WorldQuant, Adobe, One Market Data, Plat.AI, Social Discovery Group (SDG), and Simply Technologies. 

The conference is organized by the “DataFest Yerevan” NGO.

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