Will iPhones no longer have OLED screens? Apple plans to switch to its own MicroLED displays

May 11, 2023  22:10

The new iPhones will probably no longer have OLED screens։ instead, Apple plans to equip the smartphones with MicroLED screens developed by the company itself. These screens are expected to provide higher brightness and better contrast than current OLED screens, and what's more, they will consume less power.

As Macrumors.com reports, citing the Taiwanese DigiTimes website, the Apple Watch Ultra smart watch will be the first to receive the new screen. At the end of 2024 or from 2025, OLED screens will be abandoned in the production of smart watches.

The new screens will then appear on iPhones and iPads. MacRumours writes about this, citing its sources. Probably, the first iPhones with a MicroLED screen will appear only after a few years. Meanwhile, all four iPhone 15 models to be unveiled later this year are likely to have OLED displays.

Apple is expected to start production of its own MicroLED screens from 2024. Initially, it was planned that the company itself will develop and produce the parts of the screens and will refuse the development of Samsung and LG. But now many experts believe that without LG's help, Apple still can't do it anyway. LG Display will likely manufacture some parts for these displays, particularly the backplanes.

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