Just like in science fiction movies: Tesla showed how two Optimus humanoid robots assemble a third one

March 2, 2023  18:02

Tesla showed how two Optimus humanoid robots assemble the same robot as themselves, while performing manipulations that are quite difficult for robots.

In the video, reminding a scene from a sci-fi movie, one of the robots takes a hand off the table, unplugging it, and takes it to the place where its partner is working on assembling a third robot. They put the hand to the right place and attach it with a screwdriver.

In appearance these robots resemble the second Optimus prototype, which was demonstrated last fall and used actuators developed by Tesla itself. As the head of the company Elon Musk explained during an event for investors, none of the existing components satisfied the company's requests, so they had to develop their own.

According to him, progress in the development of humanoid robots can be assessed as "moderately fast." The company considers the use of “the most advanced artificial intelligence that can be applied in the real world” to be the main advantage of Optimus. These robots will operate on the basis of the same software as Tesla's electric vehicle control systems. They will also have the ability to learn: as Musk himself noted, there would be no point in making humanoid robots if every option, every action would have to be programmed.

The current Optimus prototypes can move at speeds up to 8 km/h, lift weights up to 68 kg (while the robot itself weighs about 57 kg), and also carry up to 20.5 kg of cargo from place to place.

Tesla plans to use thousands of Optimus robots in its factories. Musk is confident that a sufficiently large number of humanoid robots can lead to an increase in the GDP of individual countries and the whole world. He is also confident that one day there will be at least one humanoid robot for every inhabitant of the Earth. Tesla also plans to sell its robots, but so far few people can afford them: the cost of one robot will be about $20,000.

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