Apple and LG to produce Micro-LED displays for Apple Watch

January 16, 2023  21:30

Apple plans to start production of its own Micro-LED displays in 2024, which will first be installed on Apple Watch watches instead of the current OLED displays, and later on other devices.

From the beginning, Apple planned to develop and produce parts for the screens on its own, and abandon the development of Samsung and LG. But it seems that Apple can't do it without LG's help anyway.

According to Ross Young, an analyst of the screen industry, LG Display will start producing connecting panels (Micro-LED parts) for the Apple Watch as early as in the second half of 2024. The company is currently building a small production line for these parts. And the new screens will be ready, most likely, already in 2025.

Experts say that the transition to Micro-LED technology can provide better color reproduction, better contrast, and even higher brightness to Apple Watch screens.

It is not yet known which Apple Watch models will be the first to get new screens. According to Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman, it will be the new Apple Watch Ultra, which is expected to be released in late 2024. Such a decision would be logical since this is a higher-class smartwatch and costs more.

Other companies too, including Samsung, plan to switch to Micro-LED technology (at least for wearable devices). It is assumed that Samsung will manage to put such screens on its watches even before Apple.

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