Taking screenshots is prohibited in WhatsApp's iPhone version

June 13, 2024  14:15

The iPhone version of the WhatsApp messenger has introduced a new feature that prevents the creation of screenshots of user profiles. This is done to protect against intruders.

According to the WABetaInfo portal, at the moment the function is available only in the beta version of WhatsApp under the number for iPhone. Users of this version receive a prohibition warning when attempting to take a screenshot of someone else's profile.

“The screenshot is blocked. To protect the privacy of WhatsApp users, this screenshot has been blocked,” the notice reads.

The feature is designed to counter scammers who use other people's profile photos to trick their contacts. Although the feature blocks the ability to take screenshots, it does nothing to prevent someone from taking a photo of the screen from another device.

The feature is expected to roll out to all versions of the app on all supported platforms. However, the exact timing of the deployment has not yet been disclosed.

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