iOS 18 update makes iPhone 25% more powerful

June 19, 2024  10:17

The beta version of iOS 18, released in early June, shows a 25% performance increase in the neural engine on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This was reported by the portal 9to5Mac.

According to the source, the iPhone 15 Pro Max running iOS 17.5.1 scores around 6000 points in Geekbench's Core ML Neural Engine test. However, after updating to the first beta version of iOS 18, this score increased to 7816 points, which is 25% higher compared to the previous version of the OS. This improvement will enable the device to better handle certain artificial intelligence tasks.

It is believed that the performance boost was achieved thanks to a new type of ML core that Apple has named MLTensor. Apple itself expects performance gains in the iPhone 15 Pro for specific models, ranging from 2% for MobileNet v3 to 700% for SSD MobileVit v2.

The release of the first beta version of iOS 18 took place shortly after the WWDC 2024 conference, which was held on June 10. Test builds of the new iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS were also released. The full release of Apple's new operating systems is expected in the fall, following the iPhone 16 presentation.

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