In the future, smartphones will disappear, instead there will be brain implants: Elon Musk’s predictions

June 17, 2024  18:40

In the future, mobile devices will no longer be needed, and they will be replaced by the Neuralink neural interface. These predictions were shared by American entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk, known for his innovative projects. He expressed this point of view on the social network X, answering a question from the parody account Not Elon Musk about the willingness of people to install a brain implant to control phones with the power of thought.

Musk confirmed that traditional mobile devices will disappear, giving way to Neuralink neural interfaces. According to him, this will allow people to control smartphones and computers without any physical manipulation. In his opinion, the introduction of such technologies will radically change the way people interact with digital devices.

In January of this year, Musk announced that the first person had successfully undergone surgery to install a Neuralink implant. The first test data showed promising results, and the businessman said that the device works stably. Neuralink's new device, called Telepathy, is designed primarily for people who have lost the use of their limbs.

In March, the first patient with the implant demonstrated how he could play chess using only the power of his thoughts. This event was a significant step in the development of neurotechnology and confirmed the possibility of controlling complex processes through thoughts. Musk is confident that with the development and spread of Neuralink technology, the possibilities for its application will only expand, offering new ways to interact with the world.

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