Strange iPhones without camera appear online: Are they for nuclear power plant workers?

June 20, 2024  15:05

Photos of unusual iPhones that lack cameras have appeared online. These images aroused surprise and interest among users. There is an opinion that such devices are produced for employees of nuclear power plants and for the military.

According to Digital Trends, the photos first appeared on the Reddit forum. One of the forum users posted a photo of his iPhone, in which attentive viewers noticed that there was no camera module on the back of the device. The Apple logo was painted directly onto the glass lid.

As it turned out, this unusual phone belongs to an employee of a nuclear power plant (NPP). Apparently, this is a modified version of the iPhone 11, specially created for employees of such facilities.

camera-less-iphone-1.jpg (85 KB)

This isn't the first time an iPhone has appeared without a camera. Digital Trends previously reported on photos of an iPhone 7 Plus without a camera module, which were spotted at a used smartphone store in Dubai. The author of these photographs claimed that the phone belonged to a military man.

camera-less-iphone-2.jpg (59 KB)

Interestingly, Apple doesn't make iPhones without cameras. Such smartphones are bought by private companies and modified in their own factories. The cameras are physically removed and then custom housings without camera modules are installed. The main buyers of such devices are military, oil and gas companies and educational institutions. These companies strive to prevent the leakage of confidential information, which is especially important in conditions of increased security at nuclear power plants and other specially protected facilities.

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