Which browsers are better at detecting phishing sites?

June 13, 2024  20:15

Softline Group tested popular browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Yandex Browser and Google Chrome for their ability to identify phishing sites designed to steal user data.

Browsers needed to detect 100 newly identified phishing sites on the RuNet. After testing, these sites were blocked. Yandex Browser did the best job, and Safari did the worst job.

Test results

  • “Yandex Browser”: Topped the ranking, recognizing 57 out of 100 phishing sites:
    • In Windows version: 69
    • In Android version: 52
    • In iOS version: 51
  • Google Chrome: Came in second place with a score of 9 out of 100 far behind:
    • In Windows version: 10
    • In Android version: 9
    • In iOS version: 9
  • Mozilla Firefox: Identified 5 sites out of 100, taking third place.
  • Microsoft Edge: Also identified 5 sites out of 100 and shares third place with Firefox.
  • Opera: Detected 3 phishing sites.
  • Safari: Ranked last. In the iOS version, Safari was only able to detect 2 out of 100 phishing sites.

The study showed that Yandex Browser is significantly superior to other popular browsers in identifying phishing sites, especially on the Russian Internet. At the same time, not a single browser recognized all phishing sites, which means that their developers still have work to do.

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