5 apps to help you focus and overcome procrastination

May 25, 2024  15:08

Problems with concentration and constant procrastination are familiar to many modern people, and some find it difficult to focus not only on work, but even on entertainment and hobbies. Luckily, there are several apps that can help combat this problem.

Forest (iOS and Android)

This gamified productivity app takes a unique approach to combat procrastination. You plant a virtual seed and it grows into a tree as long as you focus on your tasks for a certain period of time. If you switch apps or leave the forest prematurely, the tree will die.

Freedom (Windows, macOS, Android)

Freedom is a website and app blocker that helps you avoid distractions. You can create your own blacklists of websites and applications for a specific period of time. This will relieve you of the temptation to mindlessly browse social networks or entertainment sites on the Internet when you need to focus on work.

Focus Keeper (Windows, macOS, Web)

This app uses the Pomodoro method, a popular time management technique. You set a timer for 25-minute work intervals with short breaks in between. Focus Keeper helps you visualize your progress and maintain a focused workflow throughout the day.

Todoist (Web, iOS, Android)

Todoist is a powerful and versatile task management app. It allows you to create to-do lists, set deadlines, and prioritize tasks. With a clear interface and a variety of features, Todoist helps you stay organized, track your progress, and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Noisli (Web, iOS, Android, macOS)

This app provides a variety of ambient soundscapes and background noises to help you focus and improve your concentration. Whether it's the quiet sound of rain or the low hum of a café, depending on your preference, Noisli can create a relaxing and productive atmosphere to drown out distractions and increase your concentration.

There are, of course, many other apps that can help you concentrate and avoid distractions. If the ones listed do not suit you, look for similar ones - sooner or later you will probably find an application that will work great for you.

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