Programmers will be out of work because AI will write the code: NVIDIA director advises young people to study agriculture

February 26, 2024  14:21

The founder and CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, is known for his decisive predictions in the field of information technology. During his presentation at the World Government Summit in Dubai, he once again stated that in the near future, professionals won't need to know programming languages because artificial intelligence will be writing code.

From this perspective, Huang does not consider it essential to teach children programming skills, as he believes that in the future, it will be sufficient to clearly formulate technical tasks in natural language, and artificial intelligence will handle all the programming work. The head of the company does not share the view that has dominated the IT community for the past 10 or 15 years, urging the teaching of programming skills to children from an early age. "In reality, the situation is almost entirely the opposite," concluded Jensen Huang.

"Our job is to create technology that will eliminate the need for people to program, and the programming language will essentially become human language. Everyone in this world can be considered a programmer, and that is the wonder of artificial intelligence," declared the head of NVIDIA with his traditional emotional style. According to him, it makes sense for young people to spend their time acquiring more valuable skills in the fields of biotechnology, education, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Industry expert Patrick Moorhead does not share such views, reminding that over the past 30 years, many technologies that facilitate the work of programmers have been considered replacements for them, but in reality, the demand for software developers continues to grow. At least, after the introduction of ChatGPT, the number of job vacancies in the programming sector increased by 6%.

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