On possible uprising of robots and revolutionary changes expected in our lives: Interview with Paolo Pirjanian

February 9, 2024  18:39

“Every time a new technology comes out, we humans are afraid of what might happen because we have no idea what might be awaiting us. When computers came out, we were all afraid of losing our jobs. But what really has happened? The global economy has grown significantly and people are now living better lives.”

“First of all, I would advise to treat robots well now. When they decide to uprise, they will know who treated them well and who treated them badly. So let's be careful with them."

“Our goal is to make robot that will assist humans, not replace them.”

“You can’t say there will be anything that artificial intelligence will not be able to do.”

“Armenia has the potential and opportunity to develop in the field of robotics. But we must start now, at this very moment.”

Interview with Paolo PIRJANIAN for NEWS.am's new project.

Paolo Pirjanian

Originally from Iran, he moved to Denmark and then to the USA. He has a PhD in robotics and has worked at NASA JPL, iRobot®, Evolution Robotics®.

He founded Embodied, Inc., a company, which is a leader in robotics and artificial intelligence today, creating advanced robotic companions that improve the quality of life for people and their families. Moxie developed by the company is the world's first ‘emotional' robot with artificial intelligence.

The robot has received the top prize in the artificial intelligence category at the prestigious CES 2024 Innovation Awards.

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