France may ban sales of iPhone 12: What is the reason?

September 13, 2023  18:33

France may ban the sale of iPhone 12 smartphones due to the dangerous level of electromagnetic radiation found in them. This is reported by Reuters, citing the statements of Jean-Noel Barot, Deputy Minister of Digital Economy of France.

Experts from the French regulatory body responsible for the control of radio frequencies (ANFR) have detected a high level of electromagnetic radiation in the iPhone 12. ANFR lab tests have shown that this smartphone emits 5.74 W/kg, while the maximum allowed level is 4 W/kg.

According to Baro, the problem can be solved by releasing a software update for the iPhone 12. France gave Apple two weeks to develop and release such an update. If this demand is not fulfilled, France threatens to ban the sale of iPhone 12 in the country and demand that those already sold be recalled.

Apple has not yet commented on the situation.

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