China Mobile won’t sell iPhone 15 smartphones: Apple may be in serious trouble

September 8, 2023  14:18

Information has appeared on the Internet that China Mobile, a major Chinese mobile operator, will not sell iPhone 15 phones. This could become a serious problem for Apple, which already has problems in China, as the government has banned public sector officials from using iPhone smartphones, even banning them from being brought to work.

According to Bloomberg journalist and analyst Mark Gurman, with just a few days before the global release of the iPhone 15, Apple is trying to avoid a crisis. The company is not only dealing with issues related to the ban on the use of iPhones among Chinese government officials, but also competing with smartphones from local companies. According to the analyst, Apple may be dealing with a "resurgence of Chinese nationalism" that is causing customers to shy away from buying devices from foreign manufacturers.

Apple has officially confirmed that the fall presentation will take place on September 12. The new devices will go on sale on September 22, and it will be possible to pre-order on September 15.

It is not the first time that Apple faces problems in China. Amid the trade war between the US and China, sales of the iPhone XR and XS in China plummeted in 2019. It took the company two or three years to recover. This year everything seems to be more serious.

If China Mobile does not sell the iPhone 15, it could be a serious problem for Apple, as China is currently one of the most important markets for the company.

Bloomberg notes that despite the disputes between the US and Chinese governments, there is no incentive for China to ban iPhones in the country, as Apple provides millions of jobs in the country and this will ultimately affect the local economy.

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