WhatsApp is briefly down in global outage: What is known about it?

July 20, 2023  10:07

A global outage occurred overnight in the operation of the popular WhatsApp application, because of which users in many countries faced problems. This was also confirmed by the Downdetector – a service, which monitors problems related to access to various resources around the world.

According to the service, the outage occurred in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, France and Russia, where users were unable to send and receive messages, and there were problems with the general operation of the application.

Fifty-two per cent of complaints related to problems with the app, another 44% were unable to send a message, and 4% reported issues with the website. Interestingly, the problems appeared in both the mobile and web version of the application.

The cause of the failure is unknown, but after a few hours the messenger resumed its operations and most of the problems were fixed.

A message appeared on the messenger's Twitter page. "And we are back, happy chatting!"

At the moment, there are no more serious problems in the work of the messenger.

The last major failure of WhatsApp was recorded in October 2022, as a result of which users in a number of countries had problems with sending and receiving messages.

And the largest disruption occurred on October 4, 2021: at that time, tens of thousands of users around the world could not connect to the servers and send messages for several hours.

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