WhatsApp for iPhone gets new feature

January 15, 2024  12:10

The iOS version of the popular WhatsApp messenger has a new tool for creating your own stickers or editing existing ones.

According to The Verge, the function of creating sets of stickers based on pictures from the gallery was in the messenger before, but the new tool provides many more new features. For example, you can use it to draw over custom stickers, add text, and embed other images.

To create a sticker, you need to open the corresponding panel in WhatsApp, select the “Create sticker” option and select the desired image from the gallery. In the sticker editor that opens, you can use the options described above.

Users can also edit previously created stickers. You can do this by opening the sticker panel, finding the desired image there and making a long tap. In the context menu that opens, select “Edit sticker”.

Editing stickers is also available in the web version of WhatsApp. It is not yet known when users of the Android version will receive this function. Currently, they can only view other people's custom stickers or generate new ones using the built-in AI.

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