WhatsApp to introduce new function: Soon it will be possible to send photos in HD quality

June 7, 2023  18:11

A useful function has appeared in the popular WhatsApp messenger: now it is possible to send HD quality photos in this messenger.

As WABetaInfo informs, the ability to send photos in HD quality is currently not available to all users, but to iOS (version and Android (version WhatsApp application beta testers, and not to all. However, the new feature is expected to be available to a much larger number of users soon.

Before this feature, WhatsApp automatically compressed the image, reduced its quality and sent it in SD (standard) resolution. Now users will be able to share high-quality photos while preserving their original settings. When sending a photo, the user can choose the HD quality option.

WhatsApp has recently introduced many useful features, including the ability to create nicknames that will make it easier to find a contact without a phone number, the ability to protect private correspondence with a password or biometrics, and many other features.

Another long-awaited feature that recently appeared is the ability to edit messages that have already been sent. However, this can be done within 15 minutes of sending.

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