WhatsApp receives long-awaited update: Sent messages can now be edited

May 23, 2023  12:15

WhatsApp has already received the long-awaited feature that allows you to edit already sent messages. However, this can be done within 15 minutes of sending the message.

The update will roll out to 2 billion WhatsApp users in the coming weeks.

"We're excited to give you more control over your conversations, from fixing a simple spelling mistake to adding more context to a message," the messenger said in a statement.

As the BBC reports, to edit a message that has already been sent, you just need to click and hold on it and select "Edit" from the menu that appears.

The recipient of the message will see that it has been edited, but will not be able to see the entire edit history. Changes made, as well as all private messages, media files and calls are protected by end-to-end encryption.

t39_large.png (427 KB)

Note that most competing messengers, including Telegram and Signal, already have this feature.

Last year, Elon Musk's Twitter social network also announced that it would allow paid subscribers to edit their tweets. This can be done several times within 30 minutes after publication.

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