What is the best iPhone if you've decided to ditch the old one?

May 22, 2023  14:10

If you have been using an old iPhone of the previous generation for years and now you want to get rid of it and buy a new one, the iPhone 13 mini compact smartphone is perhaps the best option in terms of price-quality ratio. Alison Johnson, journalist of The Verge, came to this conclusion.

She previously reviewed the iPhone 14 and raved about the device's features and capabilities, but she thinks it is too expensive to buy.

“The iPhone 14 is a great phone, but not much better than the iPhone 13. For many, the iPhone 13 is just as good, but it's a little cheaper," she said.

Johnson said she traded in her iPhone 11 for an iPhone 13 mini, which brought the price of the new phone down to $600.

“I chose the mini version because I like small phones and this model will probably be the last good small phone. But even if you prefer a bigger phone, I still think the iPhone 13 series is what you need,” she added.

Johnson noted that for a lower price, this smartphone has a good camera and good video recording, and also has comfortable ergonomics: the device fits perfectly in the outer pocket of the waist bag, and thanks to the A15 Bionic processor, applications work quite quickly.

The iPhone 13 mini was included in The Verge magazine's list of the best phones of 2022. According to the source,  the phone shows good performance results thanks to the A15 Bionic processor manufactured by Apple. Although the 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR screen is small, it is still very suitable for writing short messages, watching videos, reading news and many other things. The RAM is 4 GB, and built-in memory comes in 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB variants. The only weak point of the phone, perhaps, is the battery, which has a capacity of 2438 mAh.            

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