A new feature is coming to Instagram that not everyone will like

May 18, 2023  10:28

Users in Instagram will soon be able to reply to posts with GIFs. This was announced by Adam Moseri, the head of the platform, during a recent conversation with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram Channels.

As Engadget.com notes, when the new feature is available, users will be able to comment on other people's posts with Giphy's animated GIFs. However, there is no word yet on when the new feature will be available.

It is still difficult to say whether this news will please users. Many users of other platforms (such as Facebook) tend to get annoyed when a series of animated images appear under their posts. On the other hand, many users like to comment with such animations because it is easier than choosing the right words.

Mosseri also confirmed that more updates are coming soon. In particular, the Reels service will improve support for music lyrics, which will build on the already existing captions service (launched in 2021). A timer is expected to appear at the bottom of the screen, allowing for more precise synchronization of text and audio.

Let's remind that since March 20 of this year, Meta launched a paid verification and "blue checkmark" service for Facebook and Instagram social networks in the USA. A verified account costs $12 per month. If you pay through the App Store and Google Play, the price will increase to $15, as these services charge a commission.

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