WhatsApp will have new feature that will strengthen user security

July 10, 2024  10:14

The popular messenger app is introducing a new feature that will allow users to protect themselves from spam and fraud in group chats. Now, when a user is added to a group chat by someone they don't know, a contextual card will be displayed in the group.

The card will show information about the group creator, the creation date, a description of the group, and whether the user was added by someone from their WhatsApp contacts. Additionally, the contextual card will have a button that allows the user to quickly leave the chat and a link to more information about WhatsApp's safety tools.

This new feature is similar to an existing WhatsApp feature that helps users avoid interactions with unknown people when receiving personal messages and quickly identify if they were added to groups engaged in any illegal activities.

WhatsApp_65564.jpg (126 KB)

According to WhatsApp representatives, contextual cards for group chats have already started rolling out worldwide and will be available to all users within the next few weeks. The new feature is part of the company's efforts to enhance security and protect users from unwanted content and fraud in the messenger.

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