Tesla releases wireless smartphone charger that can charge 3 devices at same time

March 24, 2023  10:21

The new wireless smartphone charging station, which is clearly inspired by the design of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, will appeal not only to Tesla fans, but to almost anyone with a smartphone. However, they will have to pay $300 to own this device.

As The Verge notes, there are many wireless chargers on the market today; there are well-known options such as Belkin and Anker, and a large number of "no-name" brands. But Tesla's aforesaid device, despite its high price, has every chance to become one of the most successful in this field, especially after the cancellation of Apple AirPower.


The aforementioned Tesla charging station is made of aluminum and has dimensions of 220x130 millimeters, and it can simultaneously charge up to three smartphones. The device weighs 1,026 grams with its magnetic tilt stand, and 747 grams without it. The upper panel of the device is covered with alcantara, which should protect it from scratches.

There are 30 coils in four layers under the top panel, so the smartphone can be placed anywhere on the panel and it will start charging. This feature is provided by FreePower technology.


This charging station is sold with a 65W adapter, which is also made with a Cybertruck-inspired design. The cable feeding the station is 1.5 meters long and does not separate from the device.

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