Does Elon Musk want to step down as head of Twitter? He conducts poll and promises to stick to results

December 19, 2022  10:40

Elon Musk is conducting a poll among registered Twitter users on whether he should resign as head of the social network.

"Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll," he wrote.

So far, more than 12 million users have taken part in the poll, about 56% of whom think Musk really should leave. There are still a few hours until the poll ends, and if you have a Twitter account, you can express your opinion too. 


Musk's thoughts about stepping down as CEO likely came after a series of miscalculations to which users seem to have reacted far from positively․

Recently Twitter, which was supposed to be a bastion of free speech and information, officially banned the promotion of other social platforms: users cannot share links - including to their own accounts - to the following platforms:

    • Facebook,
    • Instagram,
    • Mastodon,
    • Truth Social,
    • Tribel,
    • Post,
    • Nostr․

In addition, Twitter recently disbanded the Trust and Security Council and banned several journalists who Musk believed were spying on him.

Through other journalists, he recently published some of Twitter's hidden files with information about management's ongoing contacts with U.S. intelligence agencies and the FBI's influence on the platform.

Before posting the poll, Musk apologized for the flaws in the platform and added that there would be future votes for major changes in Twitter's rules.

Despite this, Musk's latest actions, as well as the story with the blue verification tick, seem to have negatively affected the popularity of the social network, which has already had problems with advertisers, causing serious losses.

Not only Twitter's business is suffering today, but also Tesla's. When Musk bought Twitter, many Tesla investors were worried that Musk would abandon the electric-car company and devote all his attention to the social network. Already by November, the company's shares had already fallen noticeably –  to $187.

Now, as The Verge notes, Tesla's share price has fallen even further – to a 52-week low: today, one share of the company is worth about $150, which is almost 50 percent less than a year ago. Moreover, Musk recently dropped to second place on Forbes' list of the world's richest people. Musk lost at least $70 billion this year because of the drop in Tesla shares.

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