Electronic Arts shuts down servers for popular games Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile: No refunds are available for in-game purchases

February 2, 2023  10:16

Popular games Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile are ceasing development, and their servers will be shut down soon. In-game purchases in Apex Legends Mobile were shut down on Jan. 31, but those who have already made purchases cannot get refunds.

According to Electronic Arts, support for the Apex Legends Mobile shooter game will cease in May 1, 2023 – one year after the release. Afterwards, the mobile game will not be available for purchase/download not only on the App Store and Google Play, but also on all third-party online stores. However, PC and console versions of the game will still be available.

The news of the game's closure surprised many players, because Apex Legends Mobile has become very popular and has even been named Game of the Year on the App Store and Google Play. The reason for closing the project, according to the developer, was the poor quality of recent updates.

As for the Battlefield Mobile game, it was still at the testing stage and never made its official release. Electronic Arts also ceased the development of this game and disbanded Industrial Toys, the studio responsible for the game. Nevertheless, the studio says it remains determined to unlock Battlefield's enormous potential.

"We're working hard to develop Battlefield 2042 and prepare our future Battlefield adventures in our studios around the world," said the game's developer.

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