How to realize that your child is addicted to computer games and what should be done?

February 10, 2024  12:16

Computer games for children should not replace the whole world around them. Nikita Kocherzhenko, CEO of Uncom OS, a company that develops operating systems, told how parents can understand that a child is becoming addicted to computer games and what needs to be done.

According to him, when obsession with games turns into addiction, the child's real problems and needs begin to be pushed into the background.

"For the sake of playing, the child begins to sacrifice his studies or simply forgets to eat. If going out of the game causes aggression, it gives reason to think," he said.

Nikita Kocherzhenko noted that if failures in the game cause aggression in the child, and it does not disappear even after turning off the game, this is also a very alarming signal.

"If the game is the only interest, and it is not possible to distract the child with something else, then that same cheap dopamine begins to subordinate itself to the child. And parents should not lose the moment and explain to the child that he is already too close to the dangerous point. It is necessary to stop," said the expert.

At the same time, he noted that computer games can also become an opportunity for a child's development and a source of new experience that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Researchers at the University of York have found that puzzles and strategy games improve a child's memory and concentration.

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