Why is iPhone 14 selling worse than iPhone 13?

September 26, 2022  19:47

Apple's iPhone 14 is selling worse than the iPhone 13, and data from e-commerce monitoring platform Sandalwood confirms it.

A comparison of sales on the Tmall site showed that sales of the new iPhone 14 are down 70% compared to the iPhone 13 last year. Meanwhile, demand for the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max was up 56%.

The reason for the lack of interest in the basic iPhone 14 is quite clear: the new smartphone actually differs little from last year's model, and this became clear even during the September event. There are, of course, some changes: the screen became bigger, the processor was accelerated a bit, and the camera was improved a bit. Otherwise, it is the same smartphone, and therefore many users simply do not see the point of changing the old one for a new one.

Many people were also disappointed by the absence of the mini model in the new iPhone 14 series, although there was such a smartphone in last year's lineup.

Recently it also became known that due to low demand, Apple's contract assembler Foxconn is reducing production of the basic iPhone 14 and expanding production of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

And what fate awaits the iPhone 14 Plus, which will become available for purchase starting in October? Will users buy it? There is an opinion that it, too, may fail in sales, since it is virtually the same as the iPhone 14 – with the exception of a larger screen and battery.

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