Nonlinear story, up to 15 hours of gameplay and companions in style of Dragon Age and Mass Effect: Massive mod for Skyrim released

December 7, 2022  12:25

For a rather old, but still very popular game among gamers, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda Game Studios was released an ambitious story mod Warden of the Coast, offering players a new non-linear storyline and partners in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age style.

According to the portal PC Gamer, the new storyline, offered by the mod, will add 10-15 hours of gameplay. Also the mod offers many new locations and full voice acting: 27 actors for this read 9000 lines of dialogue.

The mod also adds nine partners, and with seven of them you can start a romance, as in the aforementioned Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Moreover, the author of the mod plans to implement the possibility to get married to the selected character after the storyline. Each partner has its own mission of loyalty, moreover, their attitude towards the player's character will depend on the decisions and actions.

According to the plot of Warden of the Coast the player will go to a remote island, where he will have to seal the gate of Oblivion and stop the Daedric prince. Since the storyline mod is non-linear, the end it is also not one: depending on his decisions, the player will get one of the 5 possible endings.

Warden of the Coast is designed for characters of level 5-50.

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