iPhone 17 Plus will have smaller screen

April 19, 2024  16:14

The iPhone 17 Plus, which is expected to be released in 2025, will have a smaller screen compared to other smartphones in the Plus series. This is reported by the 9to5Mac website, referring to Ross Young, an insider of the analytical company Display Supply Chain Consultants.

According to the source, the iPhone 17 Plus will occupy an intermediate position between the screen sizes of the standard iPhone 17 and 17 Pro models and the flagship iPhone 17 Pro Max. What is the reason why Apple can take such a step is not reported.

Apple's current line of smartphones consists of four models: iPhone 15 and 15 Pro with 6.1-inch screens, as well as 15 Plus, 15 Pro Max, which have 6.7-inch screens. Apple has been following this tactic for two years. In the iPhone 12 and 13 series, iPhone mini with a 5.4-inch screen was introduced instead of Plus.

According to the insider, perhaps in this way Apple wants to increase the difference between Plus and Pro Max models in the eyes of users. For example, this year the base iPhone 16 and 16 Pro will get different screen sizes of 6.1 and 6.3 inches, respectively, while the Pro Max will have a 6.9-inch screen.

It is expected that the iPhone 16 series of smartphones will be presented in September of this year, and the presentation of the iPhone 17 series will probably take place in September of 2025.

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