Boston Dynamics introduces new version of Atlas robot that is completely electric։ Where will it be applied?

April 18, 2024  10:15

Boston Dynamics has introduced a new version of the all-electric Atlas robot. The previous model was based on hydraulic motors, according to the company's website.

The new Atlas will be a commercial product alongside the Stretch robotic arm and the Spot robotic dog, which are already in use in various industries. The company's first customer will be the car manufacturer Hyundai, which will use the humanoid robot for testing at its production facilities. Tests should begin in 2025.

Last year, Boston Dynamics published a video demonstrating the capabilities of Atlas. The robot was able not only to jump and run over uneven terrain, but also to pick up and throw objects thanks to the new "hands".

The last-generation hydraulic Atlas had reached its limits and was unable to handle heavy, irregularly shaped objects. The company said goodbye to this model in mid-April.

But later it turned out that Boston Dynamics did not close the project and presented an electric version that is stronger than its predecessor. However, the updated Atlas is still in the early stages of development. The company did not say when the robot will become available to the company's customers or how much it will cost.

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