WhatsApp to integrate AI function: What will it do?

April 19, 2024  10:20

The company Meta has started testing the feature of generating images powered by artificial intelligence (AI) in the WhatsApp messenger, which is still only available to US users.

The new function works in real time: when the user starts adding details to the image generation request, he immediately sees how the image changes according to the specified details.

In the example presented by Meta, the user writes a query. "Imagine a football game on Mars." With each written word, AI adds new details to the created image: first shows ordinary football players on an ordinary field, then changes the landscape, which already resembles Mars.


Users with access to the beta version of WhatsApp's AI Image Generator can try out the new feature for themselves. The request must be made in English and must begin with the word "Imagine".

Meta also stated that its Llama 3 language model, on which the AI generator is built, is able to produce "sharper, better quality" images and render text better. Users can also turn photos into animation using this app. AI can create a GIF image from a static image, which users can send to their friends.

In addition to the WhatsApp mobile app, the real-time image generation feature with AI has also been made available to users of the web version of the app, but again only from the US.

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