Google is developing a budget smartwatch

April 26, 2024  12:10

GizmoChina has spotted data about Google's smartwatch has been spotted in the US Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) certification website's database. The source believes it to be the Pixel Watch 2a, the budget flagship version of the Pixel Watch 2.

The FCC has tagged Google's new watch with the catalog number G4SKY and the device is believed to run on WearOS. It will also get Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE support in one model.

In addition, the FCC has information about a UWB module that can be used to locate the watch if it is lost and unlock a synced smartphone more accurately.

GizmoChina believes the model found in the FCC filings is likely the Pixel Watch 2a, as the Pixel Watch 3 won't be unveiled until the fall. In other words, Pixel Watch 3 will pass FCC certification much later. According to early leaks and rumors, the Pixel Watch 3 will differ from the previous generation model in at least a larger size and a larger battery capacity.

Google is expected to unveil the Pixel Watch 2a at its I/O conference on May 14, 2024.

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