iPhone 16 may get more RAM because of artificial intelligence: What other features can it get with iOS 18?

March 25, 2024  10:18

Apple may have to increase the amount of RAM in the iPhone 16 smartphones so that the built-in AI system can work. This information was shared by insider Revegnus (@Tech_Reve).

According to him, for the full operation of AI functions, at least 8 GB of RAM will be required. However, for now, the base iPhone 15 models come with 6GB of RAM, while the Pro versions come with 8GB of RAM. Obviously, this volume may not be enough.

According to the source, Apple is also exploring alternative options that would make it possible to run AI functions without increasing the amount of RAM. Such a solution could be, for example, the use of built-in NAND flash memory to allocate resources for the needs of artificial intelligence. But then the company will have to expand the storage capacity in basic versions of the iPhone 16 to 256 GB so that part of the NAND memory can be used for AI work.

The iPhone 16 series is expected to be announced in the fall of 2024. These smartphones will be the first Apple devices to receive artificial intelligence built into the iOS 18 operating system.

How AI in iOS 18 will help users in their daily lives?

The announcement of iOS 18 is expected at the annual developer conference WWDC 2024 in June. It is also expected that the operating system of the new version will receive almost the most large-scale changes in recent years.

As Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman reports, the most significant change will be the integration of artificial intelligence - including into branded applications and into the Siri voice assistant. Most likely, these will not be generative AI features like ChatGPT, but new tools that will help users in everyday life. This opinion is also shared by Gurman, although it is not yet entirely clear what these functions will be.

Apple also intends to add support for the RCS standard in the Messages app in iOS 18, which will enable iPhone and Android users to exchange messages with each other.

There will most likely be design changes in the new operating system, but there is little information about this yet.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple is considering using Baidu's generative artificial intelligence in iPhones and other devices intended for the Chinese market. According to anonymous sources of the publication, negotiations on this topic are already underway.

It should be noted that Baidu is not the first company that Apple has recently negotiated with regarding the use of its AI. The IT giant is also negotiating with OpenAI and Google, and it is possible that their AI services may be “rented” for future iPhones and iOS.

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