Xiaomi phones massively crash after HyperOS OS update

March 1, 2024  10:08

Many users of Xiaomi smartphones, including the Poco and Redmi brands, have reported that their phones crashed after updating the HyperOS operating system (OS). Hundreds of people are leaving comments about this in the official groups of Xiaomi, VKontakte and Telegram social networks.

According to users, after updating the OS, the phone went into Recovery Mode. The press service of the store network of the Xiaomi brand reported that the problem can be prevented by turning off the "Automatic update" function. Xiaomi representatives said during discussions in the VKontakte group that they are already working on solving the problem.

The company said that the problem can also be solved by resetting the smartphone, but in that case they will lose all the data on the phones.

"A global failure has occurred, there are two solutions: either restore the device to its factory state, or take it to a service center," the company explained.

HyperOS is an Android-based operating system introduced by Xiaomi on October 26, 2023. Some of the company's devices still run on the previous OS, MIUI. Several models are already running the new OS, including the Xiaomi 14, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro, and more.

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