Video and audio call function on X is already available to everyone

February 29, 2024  16:12

The video and audio calling feature on X (formerly Twitter), which was previously only available to X Premium paid subscribers, is now available to all users. This was reported by XNews.

“Audio and video calls are now available to everyone on X. Who are you calling first?" the post reads.

X social calls are built into the messaging section. In order to call another user, the user must communicate with him at least once via private messages.

Users can also set the feature so that no one calls them or only their contacts call. It is also possible to specify the setting so that calls are received only from verified users or from those to whom the given user is subscribed. When connected to the Internet, users will see the incoming call even when the screen is locked, just like normal calls.

The company has been testing the possibility of video and audio calls since July 2023. Initially, the feature was added for iOS users and X Premium subscribers, but later the feature appeared on Android as well.

Earlier it became known that the owner of the social network, Elon Musk, intends to turn his X social network into a dating site and a digital bank in 2024. The company held a senior management meeting with Musk and company CEO Linda Yaccarino. During the meeting, Musk said that X will become a full-fledged dating site in 2024, as well as a digital bank. However, he did not specify exactly how the transformation will take place.


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