X allows iOS users to log into the social network without passwords

January 24, 2024  16:11

Last year, the social network X discontinued two-factor authentication via SMS for users without a premium subscription. As an alternative, the Apple iOS app introduced the ability to log in using access keys without a password, but this feature is currently available only to users in the United States.

"Today, we are excited to launch access keys as a login method for iOS users in the United States," announced the platform's administration. To use this new feature, users will need to update the X app to the latest version.

Access keys (Passkey) is an authentication technology developed by the FIDO Alliance and supported by major players such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Instead of traditional passwords, it allows users to log in using biometrics. In iOS 16 for Apple, the ability to create and save access keys using Safari and iCloud Keychain was introduced, and with the release of iOS 17, this feature extends to third-party resources.

Last year, the X social network disabled SMS-based two-factor authentication for users without a premium subscription and recommended alternatives such as 1Password, iCloud Keychain, and Google Authenticator. Now, non-password entry using access keys has been added to these options.

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